WP1: Screening and characterization of raw materials


WP leader: P1 (NOFIMA)


The research work will focus on establishing specifications aiming to achieve active food packaging (materials, technologies of processing of polymeric materials, processability requirements, characteristics), the study of patents in this field. Biopolymers, additives and plasticizers, volatile oils will be purchased. Preliminary research regarding processing of biopolymers and characterization of formulations and active compounds will be conducted.


WP 2: Processes development at laboratory scale and characterization


WP leader: CO (PPIMC)


Encapsulated structures and PHA (PLA)/chitosan systems will be obtained at laboratory scale. For improving the physical-mechanical characteristics of formulations, electrospinning will be applied to obtain nanofibres, nanoparticles and nanocoatings based on chitosan. All formulations (sheets, films) will be characterized in terms of physico-chemical, mechanical, biological, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. The optimal recipes meeting the requirements stated in WP1 will be established.


WP 3: Development of active food packaging


WP leader: P2 (ICPAO)


The experimental model – food packaging and encapsulated forms will be developed. The performance of food trays and encapsulated structures will be investigated by performing antimicrobial and antioxidant activities, overall migration, biodegradation and ecotoxicity and testing on food packaging equipments. The best formulations of tray and capsule will be promoted at pilot scale.


WP 4: Quality and Safety Validation of active food packaging systems


WP leader: P4 (USAMVB)


Active food packaging materials will be produced at pilot scale, and further tested on food packaging equipments as well as on real food products (shelf-life studies, physical-chemical, microbiological and sensorial evaluation). In all cases, comparative studies of classic non-active system and active food packaging system will be performed.


WP 5 : Dissemination, Exploitation and IPR Management


WP leader : CO (PPIMC)


In order to ensure a widespread awareness of the results and benefits arising under this project, timely knowledge management and IPR protection activities are planned. Dissemination activities consist in participation in fairs and conferences, workshops, publications in journals with impact factor, press release, social media, patents etc.


WP 6: Management Consortium


WP leader : CO (PPIMC)


Will focus on establishing a suitable framework bringing together all project partners and maintaining a permanent communication with Program Operator in order to achieve a successful implementation of the project.