ACTIBIOSAFE project will contribute to reduce alteration of the food and food contamination risks by developing active and biodegradable packaging systems, which will deliver a new approach for the sustainable processing of bioplastics and will provide a functional packaging solution for food, as well as other applications.

Active packaging properties will be achieved through the use of chitosan and other bioactive natural substances that will contribute to antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics in order to extend the shelf-life of the packaged goods and consequently to diminish the use of preservatives on food formulations. These features of food packaging contribute to improvement the level of consumers’ awareness and their capacity to make healthy choices and the prevention of chronic diseases. Also, development and implementation of active food packaging envisage environment protection with respect to the decrease in fossil resources and need to reduce the amount of disposable packaging materials.

The solutions implemented for achieving these objectives concern materials, processes and technologies. Moreover, specific project orientations will be implemented.