The main objective of the project is to obtain complex bioactive systems based on PHAs (PLA) and chitosan biopolymers as well as on the design and embedding of encapsulated forms with active substances in order to:


a) prolong the shelf-life of the food packaged products;


b) to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms growth and


c) to impart to packaging other functionality (antioxidative, bioactive).


The project objectives aim to achieve these priority aspects:


1) reducing food contamination risk and extending shelf-life of food products by obtaining active and biodegradable new food pack system and to increase quality, food safety and security for a wide range of food products during storage;


2) minimizing food packaging waste through replacing traditional plastic packaging materials with a new biodegradable and antimicrobial packaging biocomposites;


3) decreasing of food waste by prolonging the shelf life of the food products using the new active and biodegradable food pack system;